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Tome summarizes contracts for angels and VCs. It's faster, cheaper, and more intuitive than humanly possible.

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Instant Assurance

The Tome Report is faster than any human, including you.

Summary in Minutes

Instantly confirm that your agreements have what you want and that they’re fine to sign.

Forget Your Lawyers

Lawyers charge by the hour. Tome does not.

Limit Legal Spend

There are no out-of-control legal bills with Tome. Every deal has unlimited turns for limitless sanity checking.

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Superhuman Precision

Lawyers are supposedly human. Humans make mistakes.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Our software runs 24/7, reviewing thousands of deals without missing a beat. No caffeine is required.
Your Investment is Top Priority
Tome can handle thousands of deals simultaneously. There is no queue. Your deal is always first.
Tome Spots Everything
Tome reads every letter. We see everything, even the smallest typo.

58 seconds to generate a Tome report

1/100th of the traditional cost to review venture capital contracts

Keep track of previous deals with Tome Vault

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Search through your contract with ease

Share your documents

Know that your contracts are safe to sign

Onboard in less than 10 minutes

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